• BaniKids is a segment created especially for children, that seeks to support parents to encourage the savings habit in their children and teach them the importance of responsible money management.
  • As part of this segment, children will have access to a savings account with an excellent rate. Also, you can request a personalized debit card on behalf of the child, which will be their key to access exciting benefits such as:
    • Discounts and promotions in affiliated commercial stores.
    • Recipient of a personal accident insurance for USD$ 10,000 for free.
    • Emergency dental service to keep their teeth healthy and strong.
    • Access to SEMM´s service for emergencies.
    • Access to our virtual branch to see the accounts´ movement.
  • In addition, with the opening of your BaniKids account, you'll be supporting the release of more than 30,000 sea turtles.
  • Learn more about BaniKids by clicking here
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