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We offer our Personal Preferential clients:

  • Special rates on mortgage or car loans
  • Personal Preferential Checking Accounts linked to our Flexible Credit Line, provide the overdraft facilities you need to cover any unforeseen expense that may arise. Also your checking account comes complete wit:
    • A free standard checkbook bearing the Personal Preferential hallmark.
    • Debit card for the account holder as well as additional cards with no yearly maintenance fees.
    • No charges on low account balances
    • No monthly charges
    • A free Personal Preferential checkbook wallet
  • Access to the Preferential MasterCard Black, a credit card offering a different shopping and traveling experience with multiple benefits such as:
    • Competitive interest rates.
    • Credit card for the account holder and other additional cards with no yearly maintenance fees.
    • Welcome bonus points awarded on the holder´s card and for every additional card, which are credited to the holder´s account upon making his or her first purchase using Preferential MasterCard Black.
    • Priority Pass program granting access to more than 600 VIP lounges in different airports around the world at no extra cost. Log onto to learn more about the airport lounges available, along with the respective privileges, facilities and restrictions. (Each visit to these VIP lounges entails a cost of $27.00 per person, including the cardholder. This cost shall be shown on the cardholder´s account statement).
    • One reward point for every dollar spent on purchases using Preferential MasterCard Black**.
    • Travel insurance for a total of $1,000,000 for the cardholder and his or her spouse and children upon buying air tickets with Preferential MasterCard Black.
    • 24/7 Global Service providing emergency card-related assistance in replacing the credit card or making emergency cash advances in any part of the world.  If in the US, dial 1 800 307 7309. If not please visit for the number to be contacted in your specific country.
    • Personal assistance service for making restaurant reservations, buying tickets to all kinds of events, planning your dream vacations, locating hard-to-find articles as well as purchasing and delivering special gifts. To access this service in Panamá, please ring 001 636 722 8882. For other parts of the world, please visit

Further details regarding the insurance coverage, terms, conditions and restrictions offered by your Preferential MasterCard Black can be found at

*Flexible Credit Line: subject to approval being granted by our Credit Department.

**Client may accumulate up to a maximum of 150,000 reward points per year. If the maximum limit is reached during this period, the client shall automatically cease to accumulate said points.