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Clients belonging to our Personal Plus segment obtain specialized services including:

  • Special rates for car loans
  • A Personal Plus Checking Account linked to our Flexible Credit Line, providing the overdraft facilities needed to cover unforeseen expense Also your checking account comes complete with:
    • A free standard check book bearing the Debit Card image with no yearly maintenance fees.
    • No monthly charges nor charges on low account balances,
  • Plus Platinum MasterCard credit card, an ideal solution to your needs based on your own particular life style requirements and commitments. Accepted wherever you go, this credit card offers multiple benefits such as:
    • Personal accident insurance policy with a coverage of $10.000, totally free of charge.
    • Welcome bonus points awarded on the holder´s card, which are credited to the holder´s account upon making his or her first purchase using Plus Platinum MasterCard.
    • One reward point for every dollar spent on purchases using the Plus Platinum MasterCard**.
    • Travel insurance for a total of $500.000 for the cardholder, as well as his or her spouse and children upon buying air tickets with Plus Platinum MasterCard.
    • MasterRental provides free protection when renting a car using your credit card, with a total coverage of $75.000***
    • 24/7 Global Service providing emergency card-related assistance in replacing the credit card or making emergency cash advances in any part of the world.  If in the US, dial 1 800 307 7309. If not please visit for the number to be contacted in your specific country.
    • 24/7 Concierge Service providing personalized attention for busy cardholders, including:
      • Reservations abroad for hotels, restaurants, concerts and recitals.
      • Information regarding shows, tourist activities and the weather
      • Shopping abroad
      • Special transport arrangements

To access this service in Panamá, please ring 001 636 722 882.For other parts of the world, please visit

Further details regarding the insurance coverage, terms, conditions and restrictions offered by your Plus Platinum MasterCard can be found at

*Flexible Credit Line: Subject to approval being granted by our Credit Department.

**Client may accumulate up to a maximum of 150,000 reward points per year. If the maximum limit is reached during this period the client shall automatically cease to accumulate said points.
***Master Car Insurance: Here the client must waive collision and loss damage (CDW/LDW) with the car rental company  and pay the total rental amount with his or her Platinum MasterCard. The Master Car Insurance does not pay out for collisions, losses or damage sustained if there is another insurance policy in place protecting the vehicle.

Household assistance

Clients belonging to our Plus segment can use their Platinum Plus MasterCard to request free household assistance by calling: (507) 303 2487. This service covers:

Plumbing emergencies:

  • These include::
    • Broken pipes, taps and other plumbing installations at the insured party´s home. Assistance consists of sending a plumber, as soon as possible, to provide an emergency repair service, providing this is not prevented by the authorities or when the conditions of the plumbing installations do not allow for a repair to be performed
  • Excludes:
    • Any other household repairs that have nothing to do with broken pipes or taps.
    • Also, damage caused by damp or seepage is excluded, even though this may be the result of broken pipes and other plumbing installations as mentioned above.
    • Blocked pipes.
    • Repairing or replacing bathroom fixtures, boilers, heaters, air-conditioning equipment, and generally speaking any household appliance connected up to the water supply.
  • Maximum limit: $120.00 per event

Electrical emergencies:

  • Covers:
    • Power outages at the insured party´s home, as a result of damaged or faulty electrical installations. Assistance consists of sending an electrician, as soon as possible, to provide an emergency repair service, providing this is not prevented by the authorities or when the conditions of the electrical installations do not allow for a repair to be performed.
  • Excludes:
    • Repairs to lighting fixtures such as lamps, floodlights, light bulbs or fluorescent tubes, switches, plugs and electric pumps.
    • Repairs to damaged household appliances, including refrigerators and heaters etc. and generally speaking any other appliance that is electrically-operated.
  • Locksmith emergencies

Emergencias de cerrajería:

  • Covers:
    • The loss, misplacement or theft of keys or accidental damage caused to locks, which are not covered by other guarantees and prevent the insured party from entering his or her home. Assistance consists of sending a locksmith, as soon as possible, to provide an emergency service, providing this is not prevented by the authorities or when the conditions of the lock itself do not allow for a repair to be performed
  • Maximum limit: $120.00 per event

Broken window emergencies:

  • Covers:
    • Broken glass panes in the windows or doors of the façade of the insured party´s home . Assistance consists of sending a glazier, as soon as possible, to replace the broken pane of glass.
  • Maximum limit: $120.00 per event

Household assistance also includes:

  • Accommodation in a hotel, should the home be inhabitable:
    • In the event of a contingency such as fire, flooding, landslides, toxic gases, lightening strikes or explosions, our Assistance Service shall pay for the hotel expense of the insured party for a maximum stay of seven (7) days and for a total of $150.00 per day.
  • Prolonged hospital stay on the part of the insured party´s domestic help
    • In the event of the insured party´s domestic help having to stay in hospital for more than seven days, the service provider shall pay for the expense of a substitute domestic help up to a maximum limit of $100.00 regardless of the number of times this occurs in a twelve-month period.
  • Contacts for professional painting and masonry services
    • In the case of non-urgent services or those that are not included in the other items covered, our Assistance Service shall coordinate an appointment with a professional to provide the service required. These professional contractors shall provide an estimate of the work to be performed, and our Assistance Service shall make sure that this quotation is in keeping with the tariffs normally charged. Here the client may request painting, masonry, joinery and gas installation services, amongst others.
    • All work performed by the Assistance Services´ network of service providers shall be guaranteed for a minimum period of ninety (90) days.

This also includes a Concierge Service providing assistance with information and the coordination of the following activities or needs:

  • Information regarding cultural events and other activities:
    • Our Assistance Service can provide you with information regarding cinemas, theaters, shows, cultural events and other related activities whenever required. No limit is placed on the frequency this service is required.
  • Sending flowers:
    • In the case of the insured party wishing to send flowers, our Assistance Service can provide the information needed with regard to flower shops and upon request may coordinate this service. The insured party shall be responsible for the costs and expense of this service. No limit is placed on the frequency this service is required.
  • Recommended repair shops:
    • Our Assistance Service can also provide recommendations regarding car repair workshops, as well as their location, specialty and service quality.
  • Recommended handymen:
    • Our Assistance Service shall provide information and arrange for a professional handyman to visit the insured party´s home so as to provide a quotation for the work to be performed. Should this be acceptable to the insured party, the professional handyman shall proceed to perform the work required.
  • Traveler information:
    • Our Assistance Service is always on hand to provide the insured party with travel information such as highway conditions, visas and vaccinations required and/or epidemics and outbreaks in different locations.
  • Hotel and restaurant reservations:
    • When the insured party requires information regarding hotels and restaurants, our Assistance Service can provide all the relevant information, and at his or her request, arrange for the corresponding reservations. The insured party shall be responsible for paying all costs and expense of such, and any consequences of such shall be for his or her own account. These reservations shall be made depending on availability.