¿How to file a claim under MasterCard
Black coverage?

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In the event of a claim, the following procedures should be followed:

1. The cardholder or the beneficiary or someone legally acting on behalf of either, must give due notice of such during Claim Notification Period, or the claim may be denied. . Upon receipt of a notice of claim, the Plan Administrator, Claims Administrator or Insurance Company, will furnish to a claimant the necessary Claim Form(s);

2. Complete and sign the Claim Form(s).

3. Present all the required information (proof of loss), as detailed in this section within the timeframe established for such.

Please note, there may be additional information requested at times in order to process your claim.

It is your responsibility to provide this information in order to process the claim.

For assistance with filing a claim, please call 1 800 MC ASSIST (1 800 622 7747) ) in the United States or call the MasterCard® Global Service toll-free number in your country If you are unable to access the toll-free number, you can contact the MasterCard Global Service by calling collect at: 1 636 722 7111.