Security Advises


  • Do not share personal or financial information to anybody.
  • Protect your keys, passwords and personal data at the moment of confirmation to your service representative in our Telephone branch. People near to you can hear your data and use them after to enter to your bank accounts.
  • Avoid to give personal data through social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc). Using this media, thiefs can know your personal, family and labor information published by the customer.
  • Do not give information of your personal or financial data when you receive telephone calls. Thiefs can show themselves as employees of the financial entity to ask the customer the confirmation of their personal and financial data.
  • Avoid to complete forms in websites to subscribe to online bulletins or to participate in rafles. Thiefs invite customers to participate in rafles and contests to have access to their information.
  • Avoid to fill paper forms where you are invited to update data in order to receive prizes.

The security is in your hands, protect your personal and financial nformation.