Financing Arrangements For Foreign Trade

This ensures that imports and exports are paid for without affecting the Company's cash flow

The Bank offers the following types of financing for foreign trade:

  • Open Account Financing
  • Financing for Import Letters of Credit.
  • Financing for Collections
  • Factoring arrangements for Export Letters of Credit.
  • Financing arrangements for exports (Pre- and Post -Shipping)..


  • Speedy and straightforward.
  • Better cash flow handling.
  • Terms and conditions based on your specific business cycle.
  • Financing in US dollars.

¿How can I obtain this type of financing?


  • Application form
  • Promissory note.
  • Import/export invoices or arrangements.
  • Shipping documents.
  • Original export letter of credit.
  • The Bank may require further information based on its current CRM policies.
  • The client must have obtained a line of credit.

For more information please write to the following email address: