Home improvement loan

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This loan is used for improvements or retrofittings carried out on a primary residence or summer home belonging to the applicant or a third party, who may be a private individual, partnership, association or foundation.


The property must be totally finished. Each line item to be disbursed shall be calculated based on the projected improvements as well as the progress made with such.


These improvements must enhance the value of the property and shall be considered to form part of such based on the following:

  • Increased construction area (for which a building permit is required).
  • Modifications to the actual structure of the property (for which a building permit is required).
  • Replacing or enhancing the rendering or finishings on walls, floors, concrete slabs or facades.
  • Conversions performed on water, electric or sanitary installations
  • Special installations (ironwork, doors, gates and windows).



  • Finished property: all constructions stages shall have been concluded, including the foundations, structural building and retrofittings.


  • Being able to set up a mortgage with a sound, reliable bank
  • Option of obtaining coverage from the collective life and fire insurance policies that the Bank maintains for residential mortgages.
  • Competitive interest rates
  • More than 40 conveniently located branch offices for paying your monthly installments.
  • Through our on-line banking facilities you may check on the balance of your mortgage loan and details of the last payment made (subject to our regular membership policy)