Multi-Protection Home Insurance

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Designed to provide you with the protection you need in your home.


  • A 10% discount when paying the total value of your fire insurance policy within the first 30 days.

¿How can I obtain this product?


  • Name of client
  • Description of the property to be insured
  • Client profile (KYC).
  • Sworn statement or affidavit
  • Type of company: domestic or foreign.
  • Type of construction.
  • Occupation
  • Location of risk.
  • Insured values
  • Required coverage
  • Security measures against fire, theft and assault
  • Dates of birth of the insured party, spouse and children under 25 years old living under the same roof, as well as the name of the beneficiary for personal accident coverage purposes
  • Should the insured party wish to assign the coverage over to another beneficiary in the event of his or her death, the following information must be provided: name, date of birth and relationship with the insured party.