1. My password has been blocked after various attempts to log on. ¿How can I re-establish access?

If you forget or enter the wrong password and this is blocked by the system, please log on using your user ID and click on the "I have forgotten my password" tab, entering the data that the system requests which are the answers to the security questions chosen when you first signed up for our on-line banking service.

2. ¿What happens if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password you can enter Forgot your password? And enter your information.

3. ¿What happens if I forget my security questions?

You should contact the Telephone Branch (507) 306-4700, Option 4.

4. ¿How many monthly credit card statements am I able to see at a given time?

Only the previous credit card statement is shown along with the transactions performed after the cut-off date. Transactions carried out more than 60 days earlier cannot be viewed on-line.

5. ¿Can I use the English version of your on-line banking facilities?

The English Version tab appears at the top right-hand side of our on-line banking page. Once you click on the English version after logging on, the page shall be shown entirely in English until the banking session is closed. The language in which the page is shown can be changed at any time during the session.