Security Recommendations


Banistmo never sends out emails to its clients asking them to update or confirm their personal information or security passwords. To avoid falling prey to phishing attacks, never reply to emails asking you for your personal and financial information and never click on any link provided in this type of fraudulent emails. Should you have any doubt regarding the legitimacy of an email communication or if you believe you have fallen prey to a phishing attack, please call the Help Line (507) 306 4700, Option 4. Never share your passwords or your user access information with anyone. We recommend changing this information every now and again. Never select the option "remember my password on this computer" that appear on some browsers. The Bank never requests you to provide your complete passwords, just random characters belonging to such.

Make sure that when providing your user name upon accessing our Personal On-Line Banking facilities, the system requests you to answer the security question selected when first signing up for the service.

Make sure that when providing your user name when accessing our Personal On-Line Banking facilities, the system identifies you by your first and last name.

If you happen to receive an email from us notifying you of a payment or transfer from unknown sources, please contact our Help Line (507) 306 4700, Option 4, so that we can advise you of the best way to proceed.

Do not install programs on your computer that come from dubious sources or those sent to you by e-mail.

Protect your personal computer using a good antivirus program and maintaining this permanently updated.

Try not to access our on-line banking facilities from Internet cafés, whose protection and antivirus policies could be questionable.

For accessing our on-line banking facilities it is much safer to type in the following link,, in the address bar of your browser to avoid being automatically directed to fake web pages without your knowledge.