Sustainability for us means improving the present while building a brighter future, because it is not so much a question of getting results as how these are obtained.

When we talk about sustainability, we are automatically referring to the long-term, that is to say, being able to withstand the test of time and provide our stakeholders with tangible benefits through long-term relationships focusing on growth and mutual prosperity.

With this in mind, we are focusing on each and every one of our stakeholder groups.

  • We create relationships with our employees that are based on trust while encouraging opportunities to develop their creativity and ensuring their ongoing wellbeing and that of their families
  • For our clients we have designed a range of value-added products and services with which to make their dreams come true.
  • For all those comunidades donde hacemos presencia fomentamos su progreso con iniciativas que generen capacidades en las personas y transformaciones positivas en el largo plazo.
  • We work hand-in-hand with our strategic allies, suppliers and service providers in order to secure our mutual growth. We also promote respect for human and workers´ rights and encourage environmental conservation by preventing, mitigating, correcting and compensating any environmental impact we produce.
  • We report our news and progress to the media, in a permanent and transparent fashion.
  • We work in conjunction with the authorities and other government agencies in taking measures that provide for greater sustainability for both ourselves as well as the society in which we live.
  • Our Organization continues to grow thanks to the trust that our investors and shareholders have placed in us, and for this reason we make sure that they are periodically informed of our performance.

In this way we play an important role in driving economic growth, environmental conservation and social inclusion in our quest to become a more humane and sustainable bank. For us the issue is to obtain results responsibly while creating added value, rather than concentrating on profits for subsequent distribution.

  • We drive economic growth by creating added value amongst our clients,, employees, suppliers, companies, shareholders, governments and the public at large. Here we have put into place policies and models relating to corporate governance, crisis and risk management, financial stability and systemic risk, codes of conduct / ethics / compliance, CRM, anti-crime measures as well as brand and supply chain management.
  • We strive to identify the direct and indirect impact that our activities have on the environment and actively prevent, mitigate, correct and compensate these risks so as together we may build a brighter future. For this purpose we are implementing measures involving business opportunities and risks, a management system / environmental policy, operating eco-efficiencies, climate change strategy and environmental reporting.
  • We are striving to create long-term transformation as well as a positive impact on the public at large by furthering our human capital, retaining and attracting human talent, embracing labor and human rights practices as well as safety and occupational health standards, dealing with controversial business issues, and developing financial inclusion projects, stakeholder relations, social reporting and our own corporate citizenship. With regard to this latter issue, our efforts in terms of investing in the community are largely focused on people´s life cycles by means of the following three-pronged strategy: Education, Entrepreneurship and Comprehensive Healthcare for Early Childhood, in which our own corporate volunteer corps are also taking part.

Voluntary commitments towards greater sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability has led us to embrace important worldwide initiatives that promote these practices within the corporate sector, the following being the most salient of these:



Global Compact This initiative, sponsored by the United Nations, is focused on companies embracing universally-accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption
UNEP-FI This is a financial initiative sponsored by the United Nations´ Environmental Program (UNEP) focusing on social and environmental risk analysis with regard to financing, eco-efficiency programs, the development of "green" projects and climate change strategies.
Equator Principles Environmental and social risk management initiatives adopted by the global banking sector with regard to providing financing to projects within different sectors of the economy.
CDP Initiative for disclosing corporate strategies with regard to climate change along with the scope of such and the results obtained.
GRI A global sustainability reporting initiative, including the methodology used to identify material factors with regard to sustainability and disclosing results to stakeholders
Dow Jones Sustainability Index This Global Sustainability Index tracks 2,500 companies listed on the DJSI, these belonging to the top 10% of the more sustainable companies belonging to 56 different sectors worldwide.

Sustainability - Bancolombia Group

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