Corporate Visa Credit Card

Our Corporate Credit Card offers an array of unbeatable advantages and is specially designed for companies from every sector wishing to handle their expenditure in an effective and reliable manner.


  • Offers added value in terms of travel assistance and insurance
  • Facilitates your business dealings and allows you to cover your needs.
  • Being able to control monthly expenditure and summarize total expense With our Corporate Credit Card, you are able to control your monthly expenditure, including traveling and business expense on the part of your executive staff, since you receive at the end of the month an account statement with a detailed description of all those transactions made by your employees.
  • Free access to your transactions with no additional charge. You may check your account as well as credit card transactions, amongst a range of other options, either via our on-line banking facilities or calling our Help Line: (507) 306 4700.
  • Discounts at affiliated establishments When you use our Corporate Visa Credit Card, you may obtain discounts ranging from 5% to 50% at more than 170 affiliated establishments

¿How can I obtain a Corporate Visa Credit Card?


  • An ongoing relationship with the Bank
  • Photocopy of the Company's Articles of Incorporation and the latest amendments to such.
  • Copies of the ID documents of the Company's Chief Executive Officer, Company Secretary, any other officer as well as its authorized legal representative
  • A duly signed corporate credit card agreement.
  • Authorization for personal and corporate references to be obtained from an outside credit bureau (the Panamanian Credit Association (APC in Spanish) which must be signed by the Company's authorized legal representative.
  • A copy of the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting at which the credit card and its maximum limit were authorized.

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