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With Banistmo´s credit cards you can accumulate points as part of our Regálate Loyalty Program that can be redeemed for trips abroad, cruises, local tourist packages, cash or gift certificates from different affiliated establishments in Panama.



  • When you obtain one of our Regálate cards, you become automatically enrolled in our loyalty program receiving a point for every dollar you spend on card purchases. You can redeem your loyalty points for trips abroad, local airline tickets cruises, cash, local tourist packages or gift certificates from different affiliated establishments in Panama.
  • With our Regálate cards you can obtain cash advances, both at home and abroad, through the Cirrus and Plus ATM networks.
  • Cards are immediately replaced should they be lost or stolen anywhere in the world.
  • Additional cards pertaining to the same credit card account can be issued to family members so that they too can enjoy the security and convenience of a Banistmo MasterCard.
  • Monthly spending limit for each additional card is subject to the total limit set for the account holder. The amount available in the cardholder´s account shall restrict the spending limit for each additional card between the 1st and 30th of each month.
  • Life insurance for clients up to 75 years of age covering the total balance owing.
  • Cardholders also receive unbeatable travel insurance, free of charge, when purchasing airline tickets with our credit cards.

Exclusive benefits for our Platinum Regálate Visa Cards:

  • Complementary 24/7 concierge service providing you with opportune solutions during your stay abroad, such as sending gifts, making travel arrangements, renting cars or making reservations at the best restaurants.
  • Travel accident insurance coverage for up to $500,000.00.
  • Car rental insurance carrying global coverage.
  • Travel assistance.
  • Exclusive Platinum Visa promo offers at:

Send us your personal information by clicking on the "Apply Now" link (button) that appears alongside the product in question or ring our Help Line: 321 4722.


For more information, visit your nearest branch office.




¿How do I apply for a MasterCard?

Simply by visiting your nearest branch office where our advisory staff are on hand to help you with your application or ring the Banistmo Help Line so we can provide you with all the details you need.


¿What is the Regálate Loyalty Program?

With the Banistmo loyalty program, cardholders accumulate points on their credit card purchases. You earn points for every dollar spent on card purchases which then can be redeemed using our Regálate Rewards Catalogue for a wide range of gifts, trips both at home and abroad, cruises, cash or gift certificates from different affiliated establishments in Panama.

For more details see Banistmo´s Regálate Rewards Catalogue at:


¿How can I become a member of the Regálate Loyalty Program?

You become automatically enrolled in this program when you obtain your Banistmo Regálate Credit Card.


If I have a Banistmo card can I get a Regálate card and join this program?

Of course. If you already have a Banistmo credit card and are interested in obtaining another, just fill in the corresponding application.


¿How do I know how many Regálate reward points I have accumulated and can be redeemed?

There are two ways of checking on your Regálate reward points:

  • Our on-line banking facilities: through the Personal Banking Section, under the credit card tab.

  • Help Line: Ring 306 4700 for details regarding your reward points.


¿Where can I find updated information on the rewards for which I can redeem my points?

For more information concerning rewards, benefits and how to redeem your points, see our Regálate Rewards Catalogue at:


¿How can I report the theft or loss of my card?

Banistmo´s Regálate Credit Card

In Panama: (507) 306 4700

Platinum Visa Regálate Card

In Panama: (507) 306 4747