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We offer a wide range of Visa and MasterCard credit cards, designed for every specific need and accepted at more than 25 million establishments in both Panama and the rest of the world.


  • Cards are immediately replaced should they be lost or stolen anywhere in the world.
  • Additional cards pertaining to the same credit card account can be issued to family members so that they too can enjoy the security and convenience of a Banistmo MasterCard.
  • Monthly spending limit for each additional card is subject to the total limit set for the account holder. The amount available in the cardholder´s account shall restrict the spending limit for each additional card between the 1st and 30th of each month.
  • Life insurance for clients up to 75 years of age covering the total balance owing.
  • Cardholders also receive travel insurance, free of charge, when purchasing airline tickets with any of our MasterCards.


  • A monthly income of $400.00 for those living in Panama City, Colón and the rest of the country.
  • Private sector employees shall have held their current jobs for a period of six months which is extended to 12 months in the case of Government employees.
  • Letter of employment or pay stub must show the incumbent´s wage or salary.
  • Photocopy of ID document and latest proof of payment of social security contributions.
  • Copy of a utility bill.
  • Two personal references.
  • A signed application form and credit card contract.

Foreign residents:

  • Must have lived for two years in Panama. If not, the applicant must provide a deposit to guarantee his or her spending limit.


  • A monthly income of $800.00 for those living in Panama City, Colón and the rest of the country.
  • Last two tax returns as well as the corresponding tax payment receipts.

Guaranteed Credit Card Accounts:

  • Retained savings account funds or a fixed-term deposit for 120% of the line of credit requested.
  • A signed application form and credit card contract.

¿How can I obtain a credit card?

Send us your personal information by clicking on the "Apply Now" link (button) that appears alongside the product in question or ring our Help Line: (507) 321 4722.

For more information, visit your nearest branch office.



¿How can I apply for a MasterCard?

Just visit any of our branch offices where our advisory staff are on hand to help you with your application; or call the Banistmo Help Line for all the information you need.


¿How can I report the theft or loss of my card?
MasterCard Classic

In Panama: (507) 306 4700
In the US and Canada: 1 800 307 7309
In any other country, please call collect: 001 636 722 7111