With us it is not just about rates of return, balance sheets, growth and investments, but rather building a different kind of banking relationship, inspiring trust amongst our clients, employees, shareholders and suppliers, while imbuing our day-to-day dealings with respect, warmth, and friendliness as well as furthering social inclusion.


Because when we get closer, to people, we are able to listen to them more carefully and accept them for the human beings they are. In this way we are able create more enjoyable experiences for all those concerned.

When we embrace other people´s differences, we are providing a more humane banking experience for a fairer society.

We are respectful when we put ourselves in the other person´s place, seeing how they feel and in this way we are able to build on trust as the mainstay of our relationships.

We are warm and friendly in providing our excellent services which opens the door to a much better banking relationship founded on trust.

When we trust, we are able to forge stronger relationships with our clients as we assist them with their life-time ambitions.