Zero Balance Account (ZBA)


This service has been specially designed to enhance your Company's cash flow and consists of a centralized account that receives and applies both incoming and outgoing funds from other payee/payer accounts.


  • Centralized cash management capabilities
  • Intraday funding of payer accounts by means of capped overdraft facilities.
  • Higher returns earned on your cash surpluses
  • Reduced back office workload.
  • Personalized reference numbers for identifying the source and application of the funds held in this account.
  • On-line tracking of incoming/outgoing transfers.
  • Information regarding maximum overdraft limits and amounts still available.


¿What are payee, payer and centralized accounts?

A centralized account: is where funds from payee accounts are collected and from which payments or checks are issued through payer accounts.

A Payee Account: contains funds received by means of electronic transfers as well as check and cash deposits.

A Payer Account: Is used to make payments and transfers to the client´s own accounts or those of third parties either electronically or in the form of checks.

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